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Activities include Abseiling, Archery, Bridge Swinging, Canyoning, Coastal Traversing, Coasteering, Mountain Biking, Mountaineering, Paintballing and White Water Rafting View All

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Activities from £15 per person

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Activities include Abseiling, Hill Walking, Rock Climbing and Skiing View All

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Activities from £17.50 per person

Min-age from 4 years (4 if unaccompanied)

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Abseiling, also known as Rappelling, is a thrilling (and occasionally scary!) activity, where the aim of the game is to make it from the top of a building/cliff/bridge/tower, to the ground in graceful style. The abseiler often starts with small nervous steps on their journey to the ground after having had to lean out over thin air, but normally finishes with great leaps and bounds as skill and confidence improve. This is one of those adventure activities where everyone wants another go!

Abseiling is great fun and all the family can do it (with a little encouragement!). It also makes for a great fund raising activity or charity event, and there are now many abseiling providers that will happily arrange to run an abseil at a location of your choice. Just browse the Abseiling Providers on this site for many great such companies.

Abseiling sessions normally involve getting kitted up with a climbing harness and helmet, before being briefed on all the safety aspects (Abseiling is a very safe activity, but its always good to be aware of the hazards), as well as how to abseil. Sometimes your instructor or abseiling guide will descend the rope first to show you how its done, other times, someone will have to volunteer, or will be volunteered to abseil first!

Abseiling looking up!

Abseiling Looking Up!

Abseiling technique involves holding the abseil rope (a very strong rope, similar to climbing rope but not as bouncy) in one or both hands. To start your descent, you simply sit back into your...more