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Bridge/Cliff Jumping - The oldest extreme sport Added 14th Jul 2011 by Thomas Stenhouse

Bridge and Cliff Jumping

Cliff Jumping in Scotland

For as long as we have had deep water next to cliffs humans have found an urge to jump from and to enjoy what nature had provided. But just like the Peregrine Falcon we have learnt to use man made structures in ways that the builders could never imagine. And this isn’t a modern craze. Ask and local at any of the UKs jumping spots and they will recall stories of childhood summers spent jumping and having fun at the same spots as we use today. The only thing that has changed is the level of personal protection. In the past all that was needed were Trunks and a fish like quality in water.

Bridge and Cliff Jumping

Cliff Jumping

As we all know. Water temperatures in the UK are not the warmest. And in some locations will not get above 10c even in the summer. And this was always the limiting factor on how long you could do this activity. But with modern clothing in the form of wetsuits we can stay in the water for hours instead of minutes.

So what do I need? A full length wetsuit. This will keep you warmer in the water as well as giving you more buoyancy and gives protection from minor bumps and scrapes. A buoyancy aid, this will help you float and will half the distance you go under the water. Footwear, not only does footwear stop your feet from being slapped by the water it also makes walking out of the water easier and safer.

Bridge and Cliff Jumping

Bridge Jumping

How do I do it? Never alone. Or who will believe you did that 45ft jump and its common sense. If you’re new to this activity or not familiar with the jumping spot you are going to, then either get a local guide or go with an outdoor adventure company. By using a guide you will learn the technique of safe jumping. You should be shown how to risk asses a jumping location and also how to jump properly and what the safe limits are.

Bridge and Cliff Jumping

Cliff Jumping at the

Where can I do it? Scotland has to be the top destination for cliff and bridge jumping. The waters may be colder but for stunning locations and open access and all relatively close together. From the famous Glen Bruar. To The Soldiers Leap at Killiecrankie and Loch Faskally all within a 10 mile radius. Or the towering red sea cliffs at Arbroath, high enough for the bravest. England may lack the mountains of the north but make up for it by having a coastline with warm waters and stunning cliffs. From Dorset to Devon and Cornwall you are truly spoilt for stunning coastal locations. And for sheer ruggedness Wales is your destination. Be it Pembrokeshire in the south or Anglesey in the north to is mountain gorges and deep rivers. Wales has it all. And in the north if England we have the Lake District and Yorkshire. If you have any of these. Mountains, hills, rivers, lakes, coastline, lochs, Flooded quarries and height. Then there should be a jumping spot near you.

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