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Via Ferrata (Italian for 'Iron Way') is a route up or across a mountain or rocky crag equipped with safety cables, iron rungs to climb on, ladders up difficult sections and bridges across gaps.

Via Ferrata was first used in the Dolomite mountain region of Italy during the First World War, in order to speed up and ease the movement of infantry around the region.

Via Ferrata - up high!

Up High on a Via Ferrata in the French Alps!

Via Ferrara can be used with a small amount of safety equipment, helmet, harness and Via Ferrata lanyards. These lanyards are used to attach yourself securely to the fixed safety cables. All the necessary kit can often be hired from near the start of the Via Ferrata, or will be included as part of a guided trip.

If you have never been on Via Ferrata, we would recommend that you get some training in moving safely on the rock face, or go with a guide or instructor. You can find Via Ferrata guides and instructors on Go Get Adventure.

Via Ferrata - up high!

Amazing Via Ferrata views
in the French Alps!


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