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High Ropes Courses, also known as Challenge Courses, Ropes Challenge Courses, Teams Course, Ropes Courses and Low Ropes, are now very popular, and can be found all around the world.

High Ropes Courses are often made from a variety of individual challenges, sometimes linked together to form a route around the course, or used as separate elements of varying difficulty. The Jacobs Ladder, Leap of Faith and All Aboard are popular individual elements that will test your balance and braveness!

Crossing a bridge on a High Ropes Course

Crossing a bridge on a High Ropes Course

Kitted up with a harness, helmet and climbing rope or cows tails, you are guaranteed to be both physically and mentally challenged!

Many school children have memories of standing atop a wobbly pole and trying to leap to a trapeze suspended 25 foot from the ground while on a school activity trip!

High Ropes Courses are often used as team building tasks, where team members have to help each other in order to progress up a Jacobs Ladder or Crate Stack. This makes for some great problem solving tasks, with a mix of braveness and brains needed to get right to the top of the obstacle without anyone in the team falling off!

Climbing a Jacobs Ladder on a High Ropes Course

Climbing a Jacobs Ladder on a
High Ropes Course

Other High Ropes Courses are designed to give you a purely personal task, where you have to overcome your fears in order to travel around the course.

High Ropes Courses are growing in popularity, with many new courses popping up all around the country in outdoor centres, forests and tourist locations.

Many High Ropes Courses are designed with children in mind, but don't forget that many will have a height limit in operation, so please check before with the ropes course before you travel. High Ropes Courses are also great for the big kids, and are a great option for an unusual birthday present or Stag or Hen Party!

A typical High Ropes session will last around 2 – 3 hours, with time for kiting up and a thorough safety briefing. Once kitted and briefed, you will normally navigate routes of varying difficulty on the High Ropes Course, or tackle different challenges and elements of the course as a team.

If you are looking for somewhere to have a go on a High Ropes Course, just check out the High Ropes section of this web site to find many High Rope locations and contact details.

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