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Choosing the right kid’s base layer Added 28th Aug 2011 by Gear Zone
Skins Youth Long Sleeve Baselayer Top

Base layers are exactly what they say – the very base of any layering system for active pursuit enthusiasts.

Choosing the right base layer is essential, as it is with any outdoor clothing – and never more so than with youngsters, whose developing bodies need protection from over-exertion and dramatic temperature variations during high-energy activities.

Body-hugging compression tops for kids are specifically designed to enhance the flow of oxygen-rich blood to the muscles,... Read more

Bridge Jumping World Record Attempt and Fundraiser Added 15th Jul 2011 by Thomas Stenhouse
bridge jumping world record attempt

Fancy grabbing yourself a world record?

Got a head for heights?

Don’t mind getting wet?

On Sunday the 4th of September. At Loch Faskally, Pitlochry, Scotland.

A group of fun seekers will be setting a new world record of bridge jumping into water. The bridge is the Clunie footbridge that spans Loch Faskally in Perthshire. The bridge is 35ft to 40ft above the water (water level in the Loch goes up and down during the day) and there is a 40ft swim to the bank.

Goal 1, is to... Read more

Bridge/Cliff Jumping - The oldest extreme sport Added 14th Jul 2011 by Thomas Stenhouse
cliff jumping in scotland

For as long as we have had deep water next to cliffs humans have found an urge to jump from and to enjoy what nature had provided. But just like the Peregrine Falcon we have learnt to use man made structures in ways that the builders could never imagine. And this isn’t a modern craze. Ask and local at any of the UKs jumping spots and they will recall stories of childhood summers spent jumping and having fun at the same spots as we use today. The only thing that has changed is the... Read more

Lake District Outdoor Activities Added 27th Apr 2011 by Rob Walker
Lake District National Park UK location map

The Lake District National Park is an oasis for anyone looking for outdoor activities. The many varied Lake District outdoor activities, as well as England's highest mountain – Scafell Pike, and many of the best watersports lakes in the country, rightly justify why so many people visit the Lake District for adventure weekends and adventure holidays. There are many different outdoor activities in the Lake District that anyone can try, and below I will give you a few pointers on... Read more

Easter Holiday Outdoor Activity Ideas Added 25th Mar 2011 by Rob Walker
ghyll scrambling at keswick climbing wall and adventure centre

The Easter Holidays are fast approaching, and the weather in the UK has improved dramatically over the last few weeks. So with this in mind, many of you are on the hunt for exciting outdoor activities for your children and families for the Easter break.

All around the UK, there are many great locations for child friendly outdoor activities, and I thought now would be a great time to recommend a few of my favourite family friendly activities, as well as the best locations to... Read more

Rafting and Kayaking in Nepal Added 15th Mar 2011 by Christina Dawkins
bhote kosi white water river in Nepal

Nepal is a river runners paradise. You are seriously spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing which river to run. In one trip you will experience heart racing rapids, snow capped mountains, isolated villages and unspoiled surroundings. However if you are short of time it can be very confusing as to which river you should choose to run. To help you make that I have listed a few below.

Sun Kosi - River of Gold. 9 days. Grade 4-/5-. Voted by many as one of the Top 10 river in... Read more

Sea Kayaking and Sit-On-Top Sea Kayaks Added 14th Mar 2011 by Derek Hairon
Sea kayak to remote spots in Jersey   Jersey Kayak Adventures

Imagine slipping away from a busy beach and within a few hundred metres you are in another world. A place where the squawk of people is replaced by the sound of sea birds, and seals are gently calling their young from within caves.

Sea kayaking enables you to discover and explore. You don't need to sign up for a multi day expedition in a far off location to get a sense of adventure. Around the UK the ocean is a wilderness sitting on our doorstep.

Just how much “adventure”... Read more

Fire by Friction - Bushcraft Skills Added 14th Mar 2011 by Neil Remfrey Foote
Dow drill blowing tinder bundle Fire by Friction Buskcraft skills

If you were to ask a member of the public ways to start a fire in the wilderness, 9 times out of 10 they’ll reply with something along the lines of “rub two sticks together”. This is indeed the most basic form of fire creation, short of collecting fire from pyroclastic flows or harnessing fire from lightening strikes. What the majority of folk don’t understand is that these two sticks need to be of the correct type of wood (usually two used in conjunction) and must be seasoned... Read more

What is High Ropes? Added 24th Feb 2011 by Rob Walker
High Ropes Course

High Ropes Courses, also known as Challenge Courses, Ropes Challenge Courses, Teams Course, Ropes Courses and Low Ropes, are now very popular, and can be found all around the world.

High Ropes Courses are often made from a variety of individual challenges, sometimes linked together to form a route around the course, or used as separate elements of varying difficulty. The Jacobs Ladder, Leap of Faith and All Aboard are popular individual elements that will test your balance and... Read more

A Little Bit About Via Ferrata Added 23rd Feb 2011 by Rob Walker
via ferrara 2

Via Ferrata (Italian for 'Iron Way') is a route up or across a mountain or rocky crag equipped with safety cables, iron rungs to climb on, ladders up difficult sections and bridges across gaps.

Via Ferrata was first used in the Dolomite mountain region of Italy during the First World War, in order to speed up and ease the movement of infantry around the region.

Via Ferrara can be used with a small amount of safety equipment, helmet, harness and Via Ferrata lanyards. These... Read more

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