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Derek Hairon - Adventure Activity Author


Derek Hairon is a BCU level 5 coach, who has sea kayaked in Alaska, UK, Faeroe Islands, circumnavigated Ireland and been white water kayaking in Nepal. He is the author of “Sit-on-top Kayak: A Beginner's Manual” and director of Jersey Kayak Adventures.


Channel Islands

Latest: Sea Kayaking and Sit-On-Top Sea Kayaks Added 14th Mar 2011

Sea kayak to remote spots in Jersey   Jersey Kayak Adventures

Imagine slipping away from a busy beach and within a few hundred metres you are in another world. A place where the squawk of people is replaced by the sound of sea birds, and seals are gently calling their young from within caves.

Sea kayaking enables you to discover and explore. You don't need to sign up for a multi day expedition in a far off location to get a sense of adventure. Around the UK the ocean is a wilderness sitting... Read more